Literacy Days at Stanley Head
Bring your books to life with a day of fun and learning at Stanley Head!
Canal Study
We will take you to the Caldon Canal and deliver a session that will combine history with geography.
Cheddleton Flint Mill
Learn how this fabulous working museum once played such an important role in the pottery industry.
Mini Beast Hunt
Find out what lurks beneath the fallen leaves and dead branches in our woodland!
Limestone Study
A day in the Peak District showing how limestone was formed.
Map Reading & Navigating
Learn how to use a map, identify symbols and use a compass.
Mine Study
Key topics for this day are history and geography. We will take your class down in the Peak District.
Pond Dipping
Our on-site pond is teeming with life from shrimps to ducks.
River Study
Get your wellies on and your clipboards ready, as the best way to really study a river is from the inside!
Town Study
We are lucky to have a number of towns that lend themselves well to study such as Bakewell.
Tree Study
With such a diversity of species, Stanley Head is the perfect place to spend a day studying trees.
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