Resident Owls

Here at Stanley Head OEC it's not all about adventurous activities! We also have two resident owls that have proven to be a hit with all who meet them. We have Betty our beautiful Tawny Owl and Chloe our stunning Barn Owl.

Both species of owl are common in the UK. The tawny owl is the familiar too-whit too-whoo owl that is nocturnal and mostly heard at night. The Barn Owl prefers to act as the white ghost of the night as it hunts silently in the twilight - until it screeches, that is!


Both birds have been rescued by the centre, and now live in a custom-built aviary on site. We are extremely proud to have been part of the rescue, rehabilitation and housing of these birds.

Guests can enjoy visiting their aviary and if you're lucky you might get to meet one of them as they go for a walk around the centre - please remember to be quiet if you see them though!

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